Darren Wang


Environmental issues not only concern the health of our planet, but the inhabitants of it too. Global warming, pollution, and deforestation may seem inconsequential at first glance, but they actually have disastrous effects on both the ecosystem and the economy. For example, polar bears have been left swimming and foraging in piles of trash as a result of pollution and negligence. Furthermore, numerous species in the Amazon rainforest are becoming extinct after losing their habitat due to excessive deforestation. As for the effects on humans, the results of inaction can also be felt around the world, as families are displaced and droughts worsen. If left unchecked, these issues will eventually lead to even more unimaginable disasters, including a decrease in biodiversity, rising sea levels, and the collapse of agricultural systems.


As these concerns continue to mount, our Earth continues toward a state of uninhabitability. Once we reach such a state, we will be left with little to no options, thus begetting more and more trouble. As such, I feel the need to strive to protect the Earth, one of the few places where humans and nature can intermingle and flourish together.


Additionally, as a student whose future is directly impacted by such difficulties, I care deeply about the environment and helping it heal. Beyond my time, future generations will also face these same problems. Thinking about all the future students aspiring to learn, I feel very motivated to ensure that they will have those opportunities, instead of having to live in an unhealthy and derelict world.


By working together, slowly, we can turn things around and restore the harmony between the environment and humans. This can be done through advocating for and promoting healthier practices. As citizens, we can make consumer choices that avoid products made through unethical ways. We can also use our power to push for governments to implement more environmentally friendly policies and crack down on issues such as the depletion of natural resources and deforestation.


In short, I wish to protect the environment both for future generations and for the one home we share. If we can stop the myriad of problems plaguing the environment, everyone will benefit, including both society and the environment.